Found 30th Jan 2008
Having a bit of trouble with paypal, my sister purchased a pair of ugg boots off ebay using my paypal, but instead of making her card the immediate payment type she put my card first and her card as a back up fund. They took £109 out of my account on the 14th but put it back in a day later as I had no money in my account, then they tried again a week later and they did the same thing of taking it out putting it in, the amount has came off my sisters card but they say it hasnt and my paypal balance is -£109, I phoned paypal and they have said they paid the seller on there behalf now they want there money off me, I am due £130 in my account tomorrow and im afraid they will take this off me, here is my statement.

Jan 14 DD 1 Paypal Pay 109.99
Jan 15 DD 1 Paypal Pay 109.99 +
Jan 18 DD 1 Paypal Pay 109.99
Jan 19 DD 1 Paypal Pay 109.99 +
Jan 30 DD 1 Paypal Pay 109.99

Any help please?

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If the amount has come off your sister's card then give them proof of this.

delete your card details off paypal then they wont be able to make a transaction. then reinstate your card when its sorted

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Even if my bank is currently -£109 ??

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Wont let me delete the cards with negative balance

cancel the card at the bank and wait a few days? you'll geta new card with a new number.

IF you can wait until monday.

if you have proff that the item has been paid for then you should scan it, and email to them.. or if you have an email bank statement. then say to them they cannot keep taking from your card, as payment has been made. if they continue to do so then this is fraud. they don't have a leg to stand on.
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