Paypal protection

    Im thinking of spending about £200 on ebay and paying by paypal but was wondering before i do this how much protection do i have if i happen to get ripped off by the seller?


    Purchase protection on eBay — PayPal Buyer Protection.

    When you’re shopping on eBay, look for items that are covered by PayPal Buyer Protection.

    With it, you get free protection of up to $2,000.00 USD (£500 [url][/url]) on your purchases. To determine if your item is eligible, look for PayPal Buyer Protection in the Seller Information box on the View Item page. When your transaction isn’t covered by PayPal Buyer Protection, you may still be covered by our Buyer Complaint Policy.

    To review guidelines for filing a claim and for specific terms and conditions, please review the PayPal Buyer Protection Policy and Buyer Complaint Policy in our User Agreement.


    Pay via Credit Card as well (just in case)

    To protect yourself also ensure you follow other tips, such as the ones on this website.

    Make sure the seller has good feedback
    Try and get a landline number (You can also request the sellers contact information when you have completed transactions with ebay members e.g address and contact number)
    If you arnt completly satisfied with all the information provided ask more questions, if that still isnt enough just dont go through with the sale. Whatever your getting might be a bargain but think with your HEAD not with your HEART

    Too add, if anything goes wrong (touch wood) you can follow it up in the paypal Resolution Centre.…tml

    its not always guaranteed you will get all your money back even tho paypal state that u are covered, you will only get back whats left in the sellers paypal account, so if u spent 200 and the seller as only 50 left in his account at the time u will only be refunded that amount
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