Paypal protection after 180 days if paid using paypal ???

Posted 3rd Jan

Anyone know if there is any possible action that a buyer can take if the item they bought via Ebay and paid via Paypal (from paypal balance) for an item and then it develops a fault AFTER 180 days?

Paypal will only look into it if it's within 180 days, but with ebay being a grey area when it comes to warrantees with Chinese goods etc, just wondering if anyone else knows a way, let me know.

Bank Chargeback won't work as I used paypal balance to pay for it.

Let me know if anyone has any ideas
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I found myself in this situation recently with the purchase of a monitor via ebay.
Even though I opted to pay via CC on ebay as they still use paypal to broker the transaction my bank wasn't interested.
I didn't take it too far but I left with the concusion that if the manufacturer/supplier won't honor the warranty then you are left high and dry.
Depends whether private or business seller regarding how to proceed. If private you can certainly try with the seller to seek a resolution but dont have high expectations.
Again with a business seller by all means try a direct approach - is the item fixable/replaceable. remember you have had 6 months usage. It may all hinge on whether the item is "as described" and/or "fit for purpose" e.g. it is reasonable to assume some items will last 5 years whilst others less than 6 months.
Take a look at the citizens advice web pages, give them a ring or pop in to one of their local offices. Good Luck.
"Develops a fault" implies post-receipt warranty claim. PayPal BP does not support warranty claims nor provide warranty from day one and certainly not after 180+ days, and even if paid by card the chargeback eligibility has ceased by 180+ days.
If its A Chinese seller, forget it. You can't chase them in China, and PP and E Bay won't be interested. The peril of buying cheap from abroad - great if it works out. A great pain in the if it doesn't.
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