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    I won an item on ebay last night, paid this morning through paypal, funds from my bank account as i always do but on this transaction it's saying unclaimed, reasons being :

    seller hasn't a paypal account
    Seller doesn't accept card payment
    Seller has a business account and accepts payment individually

    Anyone had this before? the seller says cash on collection or paypal so he must have a paypal account.



    Nothing to do with you

    What's the item? Are you going to collect it? Might be best just paying on collection?

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    No i was paying to have it delivered as it's to far away, the item is a hi fi

    Contact seller to ensure no problems with their Paypal account. Sounds like problem at their end.

    I seem to remember I had a similar issue when I SOLD my first item on ebay. The buyer informed me that the payment status was unclaimed. Ignore this bit(This was because the payment could not be accepted into a paypal account that was not linked to a bank account. Ie if you put money in then he has no way to eventually withdraw it....I think!.) In short it is an issue with his paypal acct and he needs to sort his account before your payment becomes accepted. Hope this makes some sort of sense!:thumbsup:

    Had a similar prob as well, bought an item, paid via paypal, then it just sat unclaimed.

    It seemed the seller had put the wrong email address in, he had ended it .com rather than!!

    Just be careful though as the seller then asked for payment to be made by cheque,bank transfer, etc & I said no hope as there is no come back and so he left neg feedback!

    Ignore my last I have a bad memory !. Just read this…Yes

    It has more to do with his email address.

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    Thanks for the replies :thumbsup:

    I just checked again and it's completed very strange? still least it's gone through
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