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    I've recently added my bank account to my paypal account as I had a payment sent to it I wanted to go into my bank.

    Now it is saying that whenever I make a payment it will come straight out of my bank account, however, I still want it to be charged to my credit card that is linked to the account.

    Anybody know about how I go about doing this?



    I think it comes from your bank as default, whenever I buy something I change it to card. Should give you an option to do it when you buy something.

    From the paypal help pages:

    Q- Why is my bank account being used instead of my credit card?

    A - We use Instant Transfer from your bank account ahead of your credit card when your PayPal balance is insufficient to complete a payment. If you would like to fund your payment with a credit card, click the More Funding Options link when you are sending a payment and choose the credit card you would like to use

    hello, you have to go to a tab that says, changing funding source, then you click credit card, but your gonna have to do this everytime you wanna pay with the creditcard because the bank account is setup as the main funding source if this makes sense? lol

    They do it to save themselves money and less hassle from credit card companies who get involved sometimes.

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    Thanks everyone
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