Paypal question.

Hello, I have a paypal question I was hoping someone could help me with...I have seen a few people on this board mention you are allowed two paypal accounts, 1 business/premier and one this correct? If yes, how do I go about setting up the personal account, right now I have a premier account...have done for years...but the vast majority of my payments come from paypal rather than credit cards and it's always stung a little that they take their fee from all transactions! So, do I just sign up again? I seem to remember trying that once a few years ago and it said only 1 account was allowed, have the rules changed? or do I set it up another way?

Thanks so much in advance if any one can help


Hello ]Starlet,
Yes, you are allowed 2 accounts on PayPal, one Premier/Business and one Personal.
You need to sign-up with a different E-Mail address, but the process is the same.
I hope that helps.

Original Poster

Thank you X10, I have just signed up again but have run into the same problem I remembered from before:

That bank account is already assigned to another PayPal account. For … That bank account is already assigned to another PayPal account. For security purposes, each bank account may only be assigned to one PayPal account. Please use a different bank account.

Well, I only have one savings does that mean I am stuffed, no way around it except setting up a whole new bank account?
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