Paypal question.

    I have just verified myself on Paypal, which automatically makes your bank account main source, but thats empty, and I want to use my credit card always.

    I notice it says credit card is backup funding source, so does this mean it automatically takes it from my credit card, or does it try to take funds out of my bank account, incur me charges then try credit card.


    The payment default is now your Bank, you can easily change this at the payment page to your Credit Card, where it says 'more funding options' but if you forget or miss it, it will come from your Bank Account.
    One idea, is to cancel the Paypal Direct Debit with your Bank or just remove your Bank as a payment option in Paypal.

    ]https//ww…Yes do I change the funding source associated with a Payment Agreement? You can change the funding source for a Payment Agreement by following these steps: Here's how:
    [*]][COLOR=#810081]Log in[/COLOR] to your PayPal account
    [*]Click the My Account tab
    [*]Click the Profile subtab.
    [*]In the Financial Information column, click the Payment Agreements link.
    [*]Click the Edit Funding Options link.
    [*]Select or remove your funding sources.[/LIST]
    Note: One funding source must be selected. You cannot remove all your funding sources for a Payment Agreement
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