Found 11th Sep 2007
Hello, earlier on i sent some money from my paypal to my bank account, the transaction is pending, is there anyway i can stop this or is it too late?

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Good Evening, Ryouga.

'fraid to say you can't.

I think it is too late, although whenever a bank transfer request is made you get an email confirming it so i suppose you could send an email requesting for the transfer to be cancelled?

It seems to much hassle though


As I said you can't, and I know. Because it says so on paypal's website.

Original Poster

lol ok thanks anyways not really worried just meansd ill have to wait few more days for the money.

lol @ JDeal :P rys response when he seen that thread the next day was classic!

Its that weirdo called Jdeal again oh well

Nope you def can't stop it,the money should arrive back into bank account within 5-7 working days.



Its that weirdo called Jdeal again oh well

Bear with me, trying to think of a return compliment.

*Update* - Sorry Ryouga, the bear can't think of anything, I really don't know why I bother with him.
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