Paypal question? Need advice please

    Trying to pay someone £150 via personal but its saying there is a transaction fee of £5 something, any ideas why?

    Oh and im paying some with paypal balance and the rest coming from bank account.

    Many thanks x


    I thought you were only allowed to forward money so many times and they start charging you once you have sent a certain limited .

    It is because you are paying from bank account.

    As far as I read on the paypal website, if you pay using PayPal Gift Option then the person paying is given the choice of either paying the fees or passing them on to the recipient. Its not free for both.

    Not sure if its free if all the balance is from the paypal acc either.

    The paypal website goes into more detail, have a look there. :thumbsup:

    I believe it is only free if you have the funds in your paypal account or bank account, if by card then charges apply.

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    Ive paid personal before and using part bank/paypal balance and incurred no fees.

    Maybe its because its over a certain amount??

    Ive tried looking on the help section but couldnt find anything

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    I could try doing 2 separate payments and see if that works!

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    Ok that dont work!! It is charging me for coming out of bank account - poop!

    Thanks for all the replies guys xx

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    No worries, seller is going to split fees so its not too bad x

    paypal just tried to charge me 30p to pay someone £3 because it was by debit card :?

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    Well i have never had to pay fees on personal whether from my balance or from bank account. Does it have anything to do with what sort of account the recipient has?



    even when paying someone as a " gift" you still have to chose who pays … even when paying someone as a " gift" you still have to chose who pays the fee's buyer/seller.there is always a fee to pay when using paypal regardless of what others have said. I have paid different people using gift, personal ,ebay and ALL have fees attached to them, I even phoned to double check, the advisor was ever so helpful....NOT! even told me not to believe their own terms and conditions as the change them almost daily.

    Theres no fees for gift if you pay with a paypal balance, if you have to upload from a card or bank account there is fees.
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