Paypal questions?

    Can paypal take money from your bank account with out your consent? if you have no money in paypal?


    In disputes etc I think they can... If in any doubt remove your cards and bank details....


    Paypal are a law unto themselves.....

    Is PayPal bending you over and Bubble-Trumpeting you again? :?

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    yes they can, why, have they? How much brah?:-D

    some just asked me and I didn't know the answer that was all.

    Would they not have to have consent from you first?

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    Is that not against the law? :?

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    O right, seams unreasonable of them.

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    well thats certainly cleared up my understanding if anyone ask's me in future.

    cheers guys! rep to you all

    They robbed the ebay fees from my bank account, the robbing sods. I put in a fraudulent transaction claim, but for some reason, they found in favour of ebay, don't know why :w00t:
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