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Found 4th Sep 2010
Does anyone know if we need to do anything about this emial which we have just recieved?

We rarely use it but have just had £1.58 debited from our acount to eBay Sarl which we thing is from a classified advert we put up and then took down from eBay (it never actually mentioned the £15 charge for the advert at all when listing it..)

We got the email just after we got of the phone to paypal asking about the said £1.58 payment, probably just coincidence but maybe not.

If anyone can shed any light on it I would much appreciat it.

Many thanks

As a means of protecting our members, everyone who registers a bank account must complete the bank confirmation process.

After registering a bank account, PayPal will automatically deposits two amounts under £1.00 into your bank account.

· You won't need to pay back these amounts - they're at PayPal's expense

· The deposits should arrive in your bank account within five working days

· View the bank statement online, check your next postal statement, or contact your financial institution's customer service department to find out the deposit amounts

· When you have confirmed these amounts, you can send payments through PayPal directly from your bank account

When you know the amounts of the random deposits:
1. Log in to your account at

2. Click "Profile"

3. Click the "Bank Accounts" link in the "Financial Information" column

4. Choose the bank account you wish to confirm and click the "Confirm" button

5. Enter the two amounts

6. Click "Submit." If the amounts are correct, we will remove the initial bank funding sending limits on your PayPal account and you'll be able to make payments from your bank account

Thanks for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team
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The payment request will either be eBay listing fees or final end fees which if you log into your eBay account it will give you a broken down summary of these charges under something like my ebay -> account -> account summary

The paypal request for a confirmed address is normal, it means that you are linking your bank account with your paypal account (safe, no problems there) and it has to go through a verification process to make sure you are who you say you, live where you say you do and own that bank account. This is to try to stop scammers. Having a confirmed paypal address is a good thing imo, if buying and selling on eBay it gives both sides a sense of security.
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