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have an issue with a seller of eBay.

this person was selling services. I paid after a decent test. now services are below par, seriously below.

question is, as this was paid via PayPal gift and via c card what are best options

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Youv got no options what so ever, shudnt have given it as a gift

What "services" ? I assume it is all totally legit . . . oO

I think you can do a transaction not authorised. But as paid by gift. I dont think theres much. Maybe contact bank?

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Thought as much. Thanks guys for input. I cannot say public on services sorry don't want to break rules

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I'm going to try the bank. Explain situation, the supplier is none responsive and has eBay adds so fingers are crossed

No recourse the only thing to do is report his ads to eBay as he clearly breaks rules by accepting PayPal gifts

Without understanding what he sold you there is very little advice anyone over here will be able to give you...

I'm guessing Iptv.

scooper1235 h, 42 m ago

I'm guessing Iptv.

Probably. Sounds like the OP wants to break the rules but doesn't like it when someone breaks them against him...maybe.

Sounds like the crappy TV services people get suckered into buying.

Unlucky op

Who's a silly cunny then? PayPal gift only for close family as a gift. Never for goods or services. If someone want PayPal gift-they do it for a reason. They get the money either way, you just get less rights or protection. If someone really wants gift and they say ours because they pay charges if you do a normal transaction, simply offer to pay the ebay charges. If they don't accept you've had a near miss. If they do accept you have a decision to make (which is easier to make as you have paypal protection).

Bank or cc company won't be interested as you used a third party (PayPal) to pay
Never pay by gift unless you know them

request a chargeback from your credit card company saying your card was used without your permission, simple...
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