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    I bought an item from eBay and lets say for arguments sake there was 20 items in the lot and 10 of then I found were faulty so I contacted Paypal and was issued a partial refund to cover the 10 that were faulty.

    I have now discovered the other 10 items are also faulty so I would like to claim the rest of my money back from Paypal but I cant see anyway to do this.

    Have I been a little silly as now I cant claim the rest of the money back?


    Have you sent a mail to paypal or actually opened up a case thru ebay?

    Also, have you actually contacted the seller?

    if youve already closed the case then it cant be reopened

    you my son have had it!

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    if youve already closed the case then it cant be reopened

    Damn it. Thanks.


    yeah you cant open another case for the same thing once closed but its worth ringing and speaking with paypal as they may be able to reopen it at their end. ive had a case changed after a decision has been made before

    worth a phone call

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    Good news....managed to get it refunded.

    I used the little known tool on eBay to get them to email the guys contact details..once I did that he refunded me the rest of the amount.
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