PayPal Reintiating their None Refundable Transactions for Sellers.

Posted 19th Sep
I wrote about this earlier in the year and heard Paypal were rethinking the stratagy not to keep the charge from sellers. However today I got the news that they are looking to reinstate their intention of taking that 2-4% from sellers regardless.

I can't seem to find news article on it to verify but I follow a person on YouTube about it (seems fresh news):

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Apologies, I'll try find some verification article later. For now I guess some people who are PayPal sellers should be able to verify..?
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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. PayPal are shooting themselves in the foot.... Free market time to swap amd vote with your feet....
I saw the Rossman upload, then saw this on HUKD and knew exactly who it would be from PayPal are a nasty company to deal with, absolutely hate them but unfortunately people use them so much.
Wasn't this always just in the US though?
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