Paypal Scam again?

    Ok, i had an item on ebay, it sold, it turned out to be from a scammer.

    I re listed, it has now sold, i have just received an email from paypal, which states that paypal is holding the money.

    You've received a payment from xxxx xxxx

    The money from your payments will be held temporarily for up to 21 days. After this time you'll be able to access the full amount and withdraw your money

    Is this normal?



    Think its for when you have sold a high value item or are new ebay user. they hold money to ensure buyer is satisfied and leaves positive feedback then funds are released

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    So it is normal then? It was the first item i have sold.

    Defintely normal, if its the first time you have sold, i sold my ipod touch as first item, and got that, make sure you get positive feedback fromt he buyer, so if they dont give feedback, have a friendly chat with them, if they are unrepliant, just wait out the 3 weeks, just hope to god they dont negative you, otherwise there will be some problems with the money etc

    i had the same problem sold an item and got paid through paypal. Paypal then said it would hold payment for 21 days. It only took 6 days as the buyer left positive feedback so paypal released funds. I think it is a new thing paypal have introduced to stop fraud!!!

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    Thanks for the reassurance guys. Repped.


    Thanks for the reassurance guys. Repped.

    Its only a scam if you have received that email and when you check in your paypal account there is no trace of the payment.
    Never just go by the emails you receive, always check it with your actual account as it will show the payment as 'on hold' or something like that

    Its normal for your first sales on ebay..

    My other half created her own profile, sold loads of stuff.... then had to wait untll the BUYER left feedback or 4 weeks..

    Its a bit rubbish really... as the buyer did not leave feedback for 3 weeks!

    Yep, it's happened to me on a couple of the few occasions I've sold on ebay. The payment is held for 21 (or 28) days, or until the buyer leaves positive feedback. Log into the paypal website (use the web address, don't follow a link) and check it's there though, if it is you'll be fine...
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