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Posted 24th Sep
Hi. I'm stuck with this and phoned PayPal and they don't know what I'm talking about. I can't do anything without this key. Is it a plastic key fob? Or online security? I've tried everything I can think of and looked online but given up. I must be missing something.Thanks

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No idea, either you’ve clicked on a spam email and it wants you to press “have you lost, damaged or forgotten your security key”... or you’ve had a physical security key and you’ve lost it
Have you tried accessing via a diff pc or phone? Does the same issue occur?
If PayPal themselves can’t help you then it could be a scam phishing for your details.

Paypal Security keys are usually online and texted to your phone.…357
No. Sold items on ebay. Clicked print label and pay with PayPal with this new ebay delivery with Packlink. Then it asks my for ebay password then this stupid screen pops up..its a secure connection. I'm thinking something has gone wrong.
Mate I get the same when trying to use eBay on another device I gave up trying to find a solution,,packlink is shagged
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Ok..I'll try on phone and print label vs PC..
It's a scam.
Trust me. My scam radar is turned all the way up to 11. They will get me one day though I'm convinced
This key was about in 2007. Must be a glitch there end. I'll try later. 1 hour of my life wasted
Maybe is a glitch related to 2-step validation.
Try 123456
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matthews947924/09/2019 11:45

Try 123456

I did. Lol.. If I got my hammer I'm sure I could fix it Needs a right thrashing
No fix so printed royal mail label. Hopefully it will sort itself.
it's because you have the 2 factor authentication on using the ebay app to authorise the log in, mine does the same, if you swap it to text message, it works.
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