PayPal to bank..

    8 business days, still not gone into my natwest account.. rang them.. basically said wait 14 days. Is this common? or am i just being unlucky?


    mine normally takes 4 working days. Im with Barclays if that helps?

    Usually 3 days for me.

    Unlucky - a pic to cheer you up

    thursday paypal to first direct arrived today not to bad

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    Just unlucky then.. no idea what the hold up is.. its abit of a joke really. Its ''completed'' according to paypal.

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    Unlucky - a pic to cheer you up

    lol far to small im afraid.

    Don't forget last week was Bank Holiday Monday and don't count weekends. Mine used to take around 7 days, now I transfer on to Paypal Top Up card which still takes 24hrs


    2/3 days for me, never heard of it being that long unless a bloody echeque

    Seems a bit strange that one, bacs transfer (which they use) takes 3 working days 1 day for them to send in the file, 1 day for us to process it, then on the next day funds are in your account, always takes this long, no longer no shorter but it is 3 working days.

    If the funds boucne back for any reason they have them in their account 3 days after that (same process in reversal) so by the 6th day they should know there is a problem.

    I would ring them again and ask them when they submitted the payment to bacs - if it is more than 3 days ago, ask them to speak to their bank to get a trace on the payment as there is something wrong - it's your money after all so you have a right to know where it is.

    By the way, I work for the company that processes bacs payments

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    ok thanks, well guess ill just have to wait 14 days. I think even if i phone them ill only get told the same.

    +1 with the person who said remember it was bank holiday and a weekend and that it's counted in business days, but does seem unusual, go to your paypal account and make sure all the details are right. Plus Natwest are rubbish at updating accounts, I got a refund from a store put onto my Maestro and it took 5 days for it to show in the account.

    I withdrew paypal to Nat West bank last week and it took 3 days to go through. I would ring again and get them to chase it up. Paypal are notorious for asking you to wait and then only start the checking process at the end - you could end up waiting a lot longer while they chase it up.
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