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    I started a withdrawl to my bank then realised I'd had a new card sent, but the account number + sort code are still the same. So this won't affect it right?

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    no, it goes to account not card

    Make sure you do update your card details though as it delays any purchases you make. This happened to me, it was really annoying!!

    Transfer to Bank will be fine x

    it will be different security number on back (last 3 digits) if you have an issue number that would have changed as well

    also depends what bank
    had a new n/wide with completely new numbers :thumbsup:

    I constantly loose my cards but have never had a problem... as the person above says it's to your account not card!

    No it just goes on the bank account.
    Paypal has no link to cards within bank accounts.
    I thought it was just sort code, account no etc
    They do that silly check when you 1st set up where they draw 2 very small amounts of money from your account, then pay 2 LARGER amounts back in!!!!
    Maybe I should post this as a deal!!

    It's the account number t0mm ... so wont make a difference.

    it's a bank transfer, hence based on sort code +

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    Thanks, shall rep all.

    Just to go back to my other point. If you use paypal to purchase items your card details must be up to date, otherwise the purchase will not be confirmed for about 4 days or so. I know this wasn't your question but I forgot to do it and it irritated me when I next went to make a purchase...........
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