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    I have just sold an item. Payment has been received but in Paypal it shows the address with unconfirmed next to it.
    I have sent the buyer an email to ask him to confirm it, but if he does not confirm it today, I cannot send the item to him within 2 days of received payment as stated in the item description.
    So should I send the item to him regardless of receiving a confirmation, or wait and delay the delivery process.
    He has a feedback of 4, and the highest priced item he bought was £90 where the seller had given him good feedback.

    My item I sold was for £165 plus £7 royal mail specail whatever delivery.


    If you check on ebay, there's an option where you can request the details of someone you've sold an item to - you can use this to get his phone number if you want to double check.

    (unconfirmed addresses on paypal are fairly common.)

    It means that they've not gone through the 'verification' process. You'll find that at least 80% of users haven't verified, most of them in the UK!!

    It's easy to verify... you simply go to the paypal website and follow the instructions. It tkaes a week or so though. First, you associate a bank account. They send two amounts to that account, and you have to check your statement, go onto the website and type in the amounts which were put into the account. You then get a phone call (automated) and you type in the number it gives you onto the PayPal website.

    Verification makes paypal safer. It helps them to claim money back if a scam is pulled. It doesn't matter if you're verified or not, but it shows up as 'unverified' and 'unconfirmed address' on the accounts page. Just ignore it. The only problem is that until you're verified you can only send/receive a certain amount of money before the account is frozen while you verify - so the sooner you do it the better.

    I hope that explains why his address is unconfirmed The best thing to do is see if it's the same as on the eBay invoice. If they're the same then it'll be okay.

    Original Poster

    oh thanx you two, didn't know that a majority of people haven't verified their address.
    Ive sent the package after he confirmed that it was the correct address.

    as an aside, my wife has a paypal account and so do I and we only have one joint bank account (old fashioned love) She registered it with paypal first and when I tried to use the same account to verify my address, of course it said the account was already link to another paypal account.

    I sent an email to paypal support for a solution and explained we were a married couple with a joint account...... their only advice was to open a new account, just to confirm my address!!

    Not exactly promoting partnerships :lol:
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