Paypal verification?

    hope someone can help! Ive just become paypal verified, but e bay account is not picking this up. How do i link the 2? I followed instructions - log in and automatically link, but hasnt worked?
    Cheers, loulou


    Same thing has happened to me.

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    Thanks vinyl, im trying to revise item that ends soon. It wont let me - says at bottom of page:

    Attention Seller:
    In order to maintain a safe trading environment, selling limits are occasionally placed on accounts. Your eBay account has been restricted from listing this item at this time until you have verified through PayPal.

    1) To verify your PayPal account, click on your country of eBay registration below to understand how to complete that process.

    2) If you already have a verified PayPal account, and are still receiving this message, you need to link it to your eBay account.

    For instructions on how to become PayPal Verified or how to link your PayPal account to your eBay account, please click on the site of your eBay registration below:

    Australia | Austria | Belgium - French | Belgium - Dutch | Canada | France | Germany | India | Ireland | Italy | Malaysia | Netherlands | Philippines | Poland | Singapore | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | United Kingdom | United States

    We sincerely value you as a member of our trading community and look forward to a continued successful relationship.

    Click here for a window with eBay's policy on replica or counterfeit items

    When i do this - nothing happens. Still cant revise item. Checked paypal - its a verified account. Also, when i list something new it does offer paypal buyer protection?

    Any ideas?

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    It adds payapl, but doesnt recognise that account is verified?

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    It has 15 hours to go, so conscious i need to revise v soon otherwise too late - i actually want to extend listing from 7 days to 10 days - but wont let me revise anything as i get that warning above - then listing gets denied because account is not verified - but it is!!!

    Aaargh i hate fleabay!!!

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    190083006586 this is item i want to revise. Your auction shows you are verified and offers buyer protection - cant get mine to do this. On new auctions added since verification, nothing still comes up?? Benn selling for nearly 2 yrs!! Went verified about 1 week ago.

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    thanks for helping vinyl. Im going to give up now!!!!!!!

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    O and rep given!!

    Sorry I missed this post as well. I've replied on the ebay tips thread but I'll post it here as well:-


    Here we are, sorry for the … Here we are, sorry for the delay:-][LIST=1][*]][COLOR=#0033cc]Log in[/COLOR] to your PayPal account[*]Click Auction under the Selling Preferences column.[*]Select Add if you haven't yet added your eBay User ID. Otherwise enter your eBay User ID and eBay password.[*]Click Add[*]Click the link under Automatic Logo Insertion[*]Select On and click Update[*]You have successfully added a PayPal logo to your listings[/LIST]

    As for revising your auction from 7 days to 10, I think it's too late I'm afraid. I know you have more than 12 hours left but changing the time left is a 'funny' thing to change when you have less than 24 hours left to run on the auction.
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