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Hi there,

Well am about to return a handset I purchased through eBay. It was described as new and whenever I switched it on it would say sim blocked but still made calls.

Being unhappy I put up a dispute and the seller agreed to a refund, Now just recieved a message apparently that was a greeting message so that makes him safe but he stills asks if I have sent hte phone back.

Now have recieved a PayPal email asking if Ive sent it yet and also they say:

The amount you will be eligible to receive is determined by the terms of
our buyer protection policies, and we may be unable to make a full recovery
of your payment from the seller. For more information on claims recovery,
please review the User Agreement before sending the item back to the seller

What the hells that on about! If I send the phone back and don't get my refund whats going to happen? Lats time I use eBay I guess!

Hope to hear from you helpful bunch soon as I need to provide a tracking number by Monday but don't want to send it off until I know I will hget all my monye back!

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You can't have it both ways.

It means that if you send it back and the seller does not give you a refund, then ebay/paypal will try there best to sort it out and take the funds out of their paypal account.... however if they have none. You may get nothing except a message from ebay saying... oh well we tried.
Ebay and paypal are the biggest rip offs ever, u hardly get what you pay for.

Paypal only issue a refund if you send the item back. You will have to keep a proof of return from the post office too

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You can't have it both ways.

erm :?

Thanks for the replies is it advisable to send it back I don't want to out of pocket both ways..the phone and the money! Well it said the seller agrees to a refund on PayPal but it then says that underneath!

Or the seller doesnt live to far from my workplace I could ask for cash and give him the phone there?

You have to send the item back or you wont get a refund. Once the seller recieved it they will refund you if they dont paypal will find in your favour and will ensure the refund. Its just like a shop you don't go in and ask for a refund without taking the item with you!


make sure you send it back via recorded delivery as proof of posting isnt good enough for paypal. They want proof that goods arrived back to seller.

If the seller agrees to refund you and doesn't live too far away as you mentioned,email him and ask if if he will meet you and refund you the cash. No postage,no hassle,cash in hand,cancel Pay Pal interference. If you send it,even if the seller has agreed to refund you,and you send what ever proof Pay Pal needs,all he has to do is not have any funds in his Pay Pal account & bank account linked to Pay Pal and cancel his Pay Pal standing order. I know this might be a bit drastic over the cost of the phone (he loses 1 pay pal account) but it can still happen,and you will get NADA, even more so on more expensive items! (I have experience of this,the sooner google prices ebay out of the market place the better!!!)

It looks like somebody has entered the PUK number for the sim incorrectly a number of times, so you need a new sim card. If its unlocked ie can take any sim from any network get a free / cheap pay as u go sim and put it in and see if that works. 02 are useually free and orange cost a £1 if you stuck i've got some spares unused 02 sims, pay for the postage and I'll send you one

only problem with sending it back is you will not get the recorded postage paid for, so you will lose that - so you will end up losing out

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Hi there all

I really appreciate your replies! You deffo are one helpful bunch!

In the end managed to get a refund once the phone was sent.

and Janz thanks a lot for the offer of a simcard! Appreicated but my simcard now works fine in my new phone

Thanks once again
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