Paypal via ebay?

    Hi Guys

    Probably a silly query but always good to ask me thinks

    For the last 3-4 years I have had enough funds in my paypal account to pay for items via the net.

    I am keen to purchase an item that is around £100 over my paypal account balance.I have the funds in my chosen bank balance. So basically will the transaction go through as an immediate payment or will it go through some kind of waiting process etc.

    Thanks Guys!!


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    Goes through as normal. I've never put funds in my paypal account.

    I was 99% sure of that, I thought asking would confirm any doubts. I have always had £200 ish in my account so I haven't been in this situation before.

    Many Thanks.


    it will tell you when you go to pay if it is going to be an echeque anyway

    As long as your bank account is confirmed with paypal, and your card details are up to date, it will be processed immediately.

    Yes it def go's thru straight away as long as you have funds in the chosen account
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