Found 13th May 2005
Not sure if this is the right forum to put this in but I have a warning for anyone that uses Paypal as a way of receiving payments for their sales.

I've recently sold some 'Online Game Credits' on ebay for some nice cash..up until this happened.....

I received a payment for my auction worth £100, checked paypal - everything gone through and looked fine. Delivered the game credits to the buyer with no problems at all. 2 days later paypal reversed these transactions without warning and on investigation permanently reversed them telling me that the account that bought the credits was fraudulently used (either stolen/hacked account or fake credit card). They also advised me that I was not covered by the seller protection polocy as these were 'intangible goods'.

So take heed anyone out there that auctions similar items - paypal will stuff you


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i'd agree that this isn't the best place for this, but i have to admit i've been caught out the same way. Lost a mobile phone and £135, due to paypal accepting then returning payment from a stolen credit card.. am i covered by the seller's protection policy, they say i'm not, and the only reason for this is that the buyer wasn't verified i think..

paypal are the biggest rip off merchants around, i even asked them when they started assisting offenders in commiting crime.. i'm still waiting for a reply

Thanks for the info you two + welcome to HUKD k9p9

Dont forget a buyer can just say you didnt send. Cases of Special Delivery Items (These arent proof of postage according to PayPal) Details being provided by seller, but the £400 being refunded to the verified seller.. ill drag a link out from my logs, was on ebay forums a while back. Lots of cases though.

Try contacting them too
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