Paypal withdraw?

    I'm trying to clear some fund, so I withdraw money to my bank account, this morning its status changed from 'pending' to 'complete'; so I went to my bank in the afternoon, however the teller said there has not been any extra money transferred.

    Roughly how long. do I have to wait for the fund to properly 'complete'?


    complete means the transaction has been completed on paypals takes about 3/4 working days for the money to reach my bank from paypal...

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    oh right, so another 3-4 days ought to do?

    depends on your can take up to 7 days...but i have always had it in 3/4

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    oh... better go and let them show me how online banking works...

    I got the funds after 7 working days

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    I use Abbey, never really checked the exact data before, so I always thought Paypal's 3-5 day estimate covers the whold process.

    For future withdrawals if your in a hurry for the money consider getting a paypal top up card then you can load your paypal funds onto it,funds are on your card by lunchtime next day and can be used most places visa is accepted,can also be used to make withdrawals at an ATM but charges £2 fee for each cash withdrawal for atm's,

    Very handy though if you need some cash in a hurry

    I find it quicker with HSBC, with A & L it takes at least 7 days for me
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