paypal/ebay advice please

ok sold a phat ds on ebay lady was ever so nice and chatted a lot through ebay. left good feedback and all was good now she is saying ds wont charge !! i never had any trouble with it what so ever so cant she has filed paypal dispute and they have put hold on money. she told me shop said it was broke and not worth fixing so i asked if she would post back for me to get checked, thats when she put the dispute in surley the product must be returned for a refund ?. also wondered if any one had a number paypal can be contacted on as cant seem to find one..any help and advice be much appriceated...thanks


When did you sell it?

Paypal will deal with the dispute now, they will review the case and if they find against you they will ask her to return the ds by a trackable means, I'm afraid they will then refund her. You do get a chance to put your side though. How long ago did you sell it?

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When did you sell it?

20th of this month

0208 605 3000 and press the option 1 to speak to somebody

the expensive route is 08707 307 191

Did you write any of the serials down to make sure she isn't sending you her broken DS in return for your working one?

and yes they will asked for it to be returned via trackable means in order to refund her

If she is posting it back to, you watch what you sign for.

Go to the discussion boards on ebay, and it will give you an idea of the things people will do to get their money back!

Good Luck

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thanks all guess its a wait and see game..:x cheers all for the help and numbers,:thumbsup:
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