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    i'm trying to install itunes but it won't let me as it says i haven't got service pack 2 installed on pc.

    i recently gave my computer to a friend to reinstall everything (coz im hopeless at these things) and it looks as if he has split the hard drive into 'c' and 'd', but 'c' has only got 7mb and the rest is allocated to 'd'. So when i try to install SP2 it says not enough space on 'c'.

    Is there any way of allocating more memory to 'c' or to install SP2 on 'd'.


    have you SPACE in the D..? are you downloading or cdrom.?

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    on d drive there is over 60gb free. i am trying to download and install from windows update and it is automatically trying to install on c. Is there a way i can change this so it installs on d? Can i download Service pack 2 from somewhere else?

    Sounds as if there is 7mb free on drive C, correct?
    You can't install SP2 on drive D because it will be editing and adding files to the original XP installation (on drive C).

    There might be programs available on PC which allow you to resize the size of a partition (the split on your hard drive; C and D) without wiping the data from either. It's possible on a mac so I can't see how it wont be possible on Windows, just a matter of searching for a program.
    Do you know what format your drives are; NTFS (most likely) or FAT 32?
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