PC Advise Help needed

    Hey guys my home pc has broke need one asap so looking at this…tml

    Would like to game on it but not to fussed, would like it to stream media through hdmi to my television and dvi into monitor.
    Also multi tasking for wife's uni work & kids homework.
    Think thats it :-)

    Really appreciate any advise or what you guys think on this being a good enough deal or know of a better one.



    Not a bad pc by my standards. The graphics card will not blow your socks off, but its not too shabby either (make sure it's not built onto the motherboard).

    If its a proper graphics card, for that price, it's pretty good.

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    Cheers mate, that's one thing I will check that out.

    OHHHH, I thought you got the monitor with it too!

    I've changed my mind mate, I think it's rather average now.

    Give me £340 and I'll build you a quality PC

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    Ah maybe I am rushing a bit then will do a good shop around.

    I would build my own but I have never done it before and would want to research and take my time & I need one quick.

    Thanks for your time

    Building a PC is like lego mate, honestly. Everything has a place and that's the only place it will fit. There's no jumpers or fiddly bits (used to be) The HDD and DVD are a doddle as they are SATA too nowadays.

    It takes me about an hour to build one, another 2 hours to install an OS and drivers etc... Even if it took you all day to build it, you're going to end up with a better pc and also a PC that you know inside out.

    I don't mind helping with specs, tis Christmas after all

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    That's nice of you to say mate, I will have a serious think on it. I will do a bit more looking around if things I feel are not working out I may take you up on your offer

    You got me bloody thinking now aint ya

    The reason I'm persistent is because every other pc that comes in to fix, is a 'pre-built', and it's my scientific engineering opinion that, they're pants

    My mo in law has just bought a quad core, 50 million terrabyte*, tea making Dell pc, and it rates 3. something on the windows 7 rating thing. My 6 year old 'HAND MADE' pc scores 5.9... Go figure

    Disclaimer: 50 million terrabyte* is approximate.
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