pc base unit needed please

    hi guys n gals
    my pc packed in after running smoothly for about 2 years :o(
    i'm going to salvage the 2 hard drives, the monitor, the keyboard and mouse and the 1GB of ram i already have, so am looking for a base unit with a core duo processor and XP.
    i've had a look on the Dell website but can't seem to find anything suitable.
    any help or links would be great, or i'd be interested in a private sale also.
    thanks in advance.

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    You are probably best building yourself - if you are comfortable installing hard drives its not really much of an extra step to build the whole thing. What sort of budget are you looking at?

    PS I'm selling a base unit in ]this thread which might be of some interest, I think the motherboard takes 800Mhz CPUs (so not Core 2 Duo but some of the so called Core Duo and Celeron Duo chips and Pentium D chips work).
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