PC Based Print Sever Help - Any techs out there?

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Found 23rd Feb 2009
I want to be able to print from my laptop but have the PC handle the data etc....

I have two Epson 7900 Pinters and an Epson 9900 connected to my desktop which print great, I have set up my printers on my Laptop using the PC as a hub so I can print wirelessly however when printing from the laptop the prints stay on the laptop so if I turn it off the prints stop, my desktop is on 24/7 so I want that to handle the prints if that makes sense?

They are connected via USB

Does anyone know how I can do this and what I need to do?

Thanks in advance

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you just need to share the printer on the network and have the drivers installed on the lappy but set up as network printers.

yea - connect the printers to your desktop, share them out and then connect to the pc from the laptop, to connect to the shared printers.

It sounds as if you already have it setup correctly but the print job is being deleted when you turn off the laptop.

Im not sure there is anyway you can have a true "print server" so to speak using this type of configuration. The job will always go through the local printer queue.

there a option in print sharing to spool the data on the local or remote computer

cant remember if it need ticking or removing the tick
there is also a option to not start printing till all item have spooled somewhere
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