Found 18th Mar 2008
pc brigade at it again - poor east fife - 24 points clear they know they are getting promoted so they bring in the champagne to celebrate

what next - silverstone - can you imagine it!!

what about when royalty etc clank a bottle (total waste really) against a new ship - the mind boggles

cant wait to see what sky offers man of the match!!

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yes i agree - its such a shame elf and safety are killing(sic) our enjoyment -
what a load of balls this has been going on for years with no problems with safety and alike looks like the copper was a right clown following them about and looking for the champagne ha ha ha.

After the match, another of the guys brought the bottles out and began to celebrate Formula One style. One of the local bobbies took exception to it and said put it away or they would be arrested
Chief Inspector Audrey McLeod, from Central Scotland Police, said East Fife were warned about the law when an officer spotted the bottles being taken off the bus.
Should have taken blue stripy lemonade :lol:
oh god another member of the bash the pc brigade brigade.

Gullible people and overly conservative media dont make an appealing cocktail.
Seems too right to me, if the fans cant have a pint there, why the hell should the guys getting paid to be there
A law is a law and obvious violation in front of police and cameras, what did they expect? these guys should know better
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