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Posted 30th Aug
I'm looking to build a computer at a budget of £400 but I wont need RAM and storage as I intend to recycle these from a pc I already have. Right now, what I have in mind is a 1660 super and an i3 9100f (with the motherboard, PSU and case) this would come at £380 but would this be a huge bottleneck?
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You’d need to make sure your ram will fit with the new motherboard. Depending on how old your current pc is, you might have to buy a new ram kit
I've just recently built a PC but I did a tonne of research before even buying a screw! If your old ram is compatible with your new motherboard, as VGamer has pointed out, then any likely bottleneck would be due to the actual size and clock speed of the ram in relation to the capability of the i3 9100f. I'd research what ideally this chip needs for ram. You also maybe able to overclock the ram depending on the motherboard and ram itself using XMP profiles, if the motherboard allows it. BTW 16 Gs of ram is a sweet spot for gaming if that's what your going to be mainly doing.
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