PC Build - Budget £700

Found 26th Sep 2017
Motherboard £77.99: ebuyer.com/780…g-3

CPU + Cooler £243.80: amazon.it/AMD…X6/

16GB RAM £89.92: amazon.co.uk/ADA…h=1

PSU £49.99: scan.co.uk/pro…wcB

GPU GTX 1060 £198.95: awd-it.co.uk/gig…tml

MicroATX Case £21.77: ebuyer.com/760…32r

Total costs: £682.42

* Needed to be £700 or less (at a stretch)
* User wants to reformat and use their old drives
* Needs to be suitable for decent gaming at 1080p
* Needs to be relatively portable

Cons I'm aware of:
* GPU is 3GB as opposed to the 6GB (maybe wait?)
* Never used the case before
* RAM is on a waiting list

I would be happy to accept alternatives that could be replaced and still under budget. On this website I would expect no less than people trashing each component (with a couple of bad reviews they find online). I don't mind if you do this, but please suggest a SUITABLE ALTERNATIVE that would still be within (or slightly outside the budget).

The budget, and MicroATX build are very important in the criteria for this. Let me know what you think/where I can improve. Thanks for taking the time to read/help.
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im not great with this stuff but is that a better buy saving you a little on a mobo >this<, there is probably an obvious reason why this wont work but as i said im not great at this.
Do your research, but you'll almost certainly find that an i5 will perform better at gaming (at pretty much anything, for that matter) than the Ryzen chip, and for slightly less money. You'll get an igpu too, which can help with diagnostics if your GPU ever acts up.

There is a deal on here just now for the RAM, so just swap that with the RAM in my build. This will handle anything at 1080p and has a great case and better PSU.
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