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Posted 5th Feb 2021
Wishing I had just bought Synology DS920+ right now
I've built 4 or 5 PC's in my time and never had an issue.

This time around I can't get into BIOS, No system beep on power up, chassis fans and CPU fan work, GPU works (just using that with DVI), used VGA and DVI from onboard graphics.

I get no response on the monitor at all. Tried F2 and DEL neither give any response

Using PS2 keyboard, tried 2 different cables from monitor to motherboard, tried connecting to GPU, RAM, pulled and re-inserted. All cabling to the best of my knowledge is correct. I dont hear any beeping noise from motherboard

With my limited knowledge I feel this is either a faulty mobo Asus Prime h310i-plus, or a faulty CPU i5 8500T bought 2nd hand off eBay

I have no way of testing either the mobo or CPU with other bits of kits.

Any ideas for me, I'm hoping I'm just being clueless.

Thanks in advance
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