PC Build to finish....

    Hi All,

    First post, need some help finding the last parts of my long overdue PC build.

    Here's what I have so far:

    Athlon 175
    Asus A8N Premium
    2 x 250GB SATA II HD, going into Raid 0 probably.....

    So, to get this project up and running I need a case+PSU combo and a mid range graphics card.

    I've looked at some of the deals on here already, i'm looking at this…8-1 Geforce 8600GT for £47.28

    And maybe this…101 Coolermaster Case+PSU combo for £39.99.

    Are there any better deals out there than these?
    Is the 460W PSU powerful enough? (2 DVD-RW drives to go in as well).



    How long has the build been overdue? 2 years? lol.
    I wouldn`t have recommended a new socket 939(end of line) what with prices of intels cheap dual cores but if you have the parts thats fine.
    I have a similar system and its still doing all that i want it to admirably for heavy music production.
    If you`re not bothered playing the latest games at high res ie watching video,editing etc that card will be fine.
    I`d grab both,and 460w more than enough nice deal that.
    With the money saved from buying say a corsair psu i`d grab a good cooler like this…471
    and some silver compound…688
    Really wish i`d bought my better cooler earlier,less noise,more efficient.

    Original Poster


    How long has the build been overdue? 2 years? lol.

    Good guess - I got the parts about 15 months ago, motherboard, cpu and RAM for £135, good deal at the time.......just never got round to getting the rest of the parts!

    And it's still a big step up from the Athlon XP 1400, 512MB RAM, 30GB HDD, Geforce 440MX 64MB sloooow thing i'm using now.

    The 2 x 250GB SATAII Raid 0 and Opteron oc'ed to ~2.5GHz should see a performance boost over my current setup eh!

    Don't play the very latest games so a 8600GT looks like a good bet.

    The opteron stepping code suggests it will go up to 2.8GHz+, is that arctic freezer 64 a better cooler for the job?

    Your new one is going to blow it out of the water! lol.
    For an overclock you deffo need a better one than stock,i`ve got my 3700 sitting at 2.6 with ram 1:1 219,cpu idle 29 on load max 40 with a Gigabyte G-Power Silent Blue Light cooler.
    Stock fan was noisy and was idleing another 10-12 degrees more on idle/load.
    I made a system for a mate with the arctic freezer and was very impressed at how quiet and good it was at cooling.Have a swatch at the reviews few have opterons.
    Just treated myself to an a64 3800x2 as they`re so cheap on ebuyer,last upgrade till next year.Was tempted by an opty but i`d rather use money on next build.
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