PC Call Of Duty : 4/WAW colours look washed out?

I haven't played COD on the PC in nearly a year and went back to 4 last night, just dl'd WAW from Steam and i noticed something on WAW that i noticed last night on 4, the colours of the game look really washed out and grey.

Now because i haven't played COD in ages i can't remember if that's how it's suppose to look? i also wondered if it's a graphics setting on my 8800GT Nvidia panel or maybe something in the in game settings? I have everything on Extra btw.

Also the reason i ask is that i am so use to the colourful look of the PS3/360 versions.

thx for any help!


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No one, any one?

Isn't that anti aliasing?

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It is isn't it, knew it was one of the options, btw Ad what graphics card are you running?

Looks normal to me?

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Yeah thought it was tbh dean.

Changed a few settings anyway on the Nvidia panel and also in game.

Btw thx for putting me onto that remote Adam, excellant for the price!
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