PC Case ..Good for gaming

    Any one seen any deals for a PC case ..PSU Included is ok ,if it is a good PSU at a reasonable price .
    This would be for a dual core PC with graphics enough to play most new games on .
    Footprint is not a problem but something with a few curves as I will be building it for my daughter .
    I suppose budget is flexible ..Max of about £80.00 ...Hopefully less as i'm thinking about £500 for the base unit.
    Please feel free to post any bits that are going cheap on here at the moment that you think should be included inside .


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    There was an iPod case around but I can't remember who it was.

    All normal cases should be fine with a £500 PC, although PSUs might need changing if it's going to have an 8800.

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    I like the AKASA white one ...Very good list .
    I will ask the daughter tomorrow but I'm sure that would be the case .
    That would also solve any problems with the PSU ...Other that I have to find one .I'll come back on tomorrow and list what I've already got .I'm sure it's an Antec true power That I've put in daughters present machine ..Not so sure about the wattage 380,maybe.
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