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Found 23rd Nov 2017

Im looking at pc cases, is there a reason to choose a midi case over a full size?
Ive seen used corsair full size cases for the same price as a new midi size (Fractal Design Define R4 Case for Computer - Black Pearl, £64.99 )
Help, lol
Thanks in advance
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Always go bigger as you have less compatibility issues with longer GPUs and bigger coolers. It just makes it easier for cable managing, extra drives, additional PSUs, two Motherboards in one case and amazing liquid cooling setups. A lot allow multiple 200mm fans or large radiators on the front. You can go as big as you want but sometimes weight becomes a problem for the bigger cases.
The categories these days have been warped out of all usefulness, you can get Midi towers that are bigger than Full towers.

I'd definitely ignore them and look at the actual dimensions if you don't want to end up with a huge lump that wastes a load of space. I'd personally not buy a massive case unless you need it, small cases are so much nicer day to day. Although you do have to be a bit more picky as some of them are poorly designed and can be cramped.
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It was mainly the corsair cases I was looking at. They seemed to have ok reviews on the pc parts picker site.
When you don't have the experience of building computers or knowing enough about parts, its trial and error trying to figure things out.
We appreciate your comments, we'll definitely look into the actual sizes of the cases rather than whether it's full or midi sized
Corsair cases tend to be huge as a rule. Their 'mid tower' 500R is over 50cm tall and takes E-ATX motherboards and 40cm+ expansion cards. It's bigger than the last full tower I bought back in 2008 and about twice the size of a generic desktop tower.

The computer hardware market is pretty fashion-driven these days so I wouldn't pay much attention to reviews. They're good for picking out specific faults but beyond that I'd be guided by what appeals to you rather than what is popular/widely reviewed.
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