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Hi, first post, so be gentle if I get this wrong.

Want to build PC for kids and have been looking at MISCO and ARIAPC for parts. Does anyone have names of other reputable sites I where I might get deals.



In order of which I prefer. I've used all three, and they are all decent with good returns policy.

[url]www.micro-direct.co.uk[/url] is a favourite of a friend.

Old favourities

[url]www.simply-computers.co.uk[/url] (now MISCO)
[url]www.savastore.com[/url] (formerly Watford Eletronics)

Overclocking sites are good for more specialist / performance parts

[url]www.overclockers.co.uk[/url] I have used, but google overclockers or overclock for many more stores.

Of course there's [url]www.dell.com[/url] for printers and other peripherals.

I prefer to use overclockers.co.uk at the moment.
Mainly because through the forums, the OCUK staff and general public are incredibly knowledgable and helpful, in giving advice for stuff like PC building and troubleshooting.
One other good thing about them is that they spend a lot of time being choosy about what they sell, so that you don't have to spend hours trawling through sites that sell everything.

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Thanks guys - there's one or two there I haven't heard of before. Wish me luck - hope I get it right before xmas!!

Try [url]www.pcindex.co.uk[/url] they basically look at all of the big guns prices and show you which is cheapest.

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