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Found 12th Nov 2006
Hi guys,

Just looking for the computer masters out there

Im looking to buy 2GB of Ram Match Kit
Amd Dual Core Procesor
Gigabyte Motherboard.
Graphics Card im not quite sure yet. Probley Need 256 though.

Looked the usually places ebuyer and microdirect.

Just hoping you guys can help more.


Good Luck.
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check overclockers uk... they also have a very big forum
Overclockers can be more expensive although their forum is very helpful on guidance about a purchase.

When you have decided what to buy I suggestyou post hereand then members can comment...and maybe give advice on where they are cheapest and if thereis anything better than what you propose.

This was the kind of parts i was after.

How do you think the price is? Would i be beter buying all like this all seperarte sites?


This kit includes:[LIST][*]323807 - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 2.4GHz Socket … This kit includes:[LIST][*]323807 - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 2.4GHz Socket AM2 1MB, BOXED w/fan][COLOR=#0000ff] (info)[/COLOR][*]320520 - MSI K9N Ultra-2F, nForce 570, Socket-AM2 ,DDR2, 2xGbLAN, ATX, PCI-Ex16][COLOR=#0000ff] (info)[/COLOR][*]321028 - Corsair TWIN2X 6400C4 DDR2, 2048MB CL4, Kit w/two 1GB Dimm's, E.P.P Technology][COLOR=#0000ff] (info)[/COLOR][*]317429 - Antistatic Wrist band Blue including ground cord][COLOR=#0000ff] (info)[/COLOR]

[/LIST]try to source the parts from ebuyer etc and see if you can get it cheaper
Well you would probably gain from buying from one place and avoid seperate postage costs...have a look at ]microdirect.co.uk where you'll get 3% quidco cashback.
yes ebuyer have 1.5% quidc cashback
Just compaerd it to ebuyer saving 10quid lol not as good as i thought will keep looking.
another retailer is [url]www.cclonline.co.uk[/url] but no quidco...on a £400 order this can amount to £12 so has to be built into the equation.

You may want to try scan via this post...free delivery seems to be on offer.
Ok these are the parts i have decided on the ram and graphics card not 100% sure so if you can find an equivelent cheaper will take a look. Prices are from ebuyer.

£56.49 - Gigabyte SKT 939 nForce4-4X PCI-E SATA 8 channel audio ATX
£163.54-Athlon 64 X2 4600+ socket 939 Dual Core 2.4Ghz
£200.78 - OCZ 2GB (2x1024MB) DDR2-800 PC2-6400 CL 5-5-5-12 Gold XTC DUAL CHANNEL Kit
£143.98 -BFG 7900 GS OC 256MB GDDR3 HDTV dual DVI PCI-E

Hi Zanic

You might like to look into going down the AM2 socket route as this is newer technology and probably more 'future proof' if there is such a thing in the world of IT
for gfx cards i would get the X1950 PRO

roughly the same price as a 7900gs but alot more power
you really should consider AM2 as sly says. IT's future proof (if that's ever possible). 939 and co are on the way out. If you could perhaps spread over two months and pay a bit more, you should go for conroe. They overclock soooo good.

Check out ]ARIA

and visit Lucy's lair at ]Lucy's lair

for impartial advice
Yes I agree AM2 is a must..as others say 939 will be history...and AM2 is designed to make DDR2 ram function as it is designed.

I would think a X1950 pro will be far more expensive..I will have a look.

yes I see the X1950 pro is cheaper....it would be prudent to read any reviews that are available on the web.

this is the mobo I'd go for...more expensive but Asus are the best in my opinion.
Cpu here

Dabs give 3% quidco cashback
memory...and 7% quidco cashback..free shipping
How to use quidco? I have an accout but never used before. Thinking of going down the AM2 route now after all great advice......But costing 740 at the moment
Using Quidco is simple...but take my advice ..use a different web browser for your quidco transactions...I have downloaded Opera and set the home page as ]quidco.com ...this ensures that your quidco transactions track correctly..because if they don't you'll have the hassle of setting up enquiries and quite often if the enquiry is successful you lose 50% of the cashback.

Opera can be downloaded from this link

You simply put in a search on the quidco site, after you have logged in your username and password, and then using the quidco link go to the site and make the purchase.

Tracking times vary but most will show in your Quidco earnings section within 24 hours.

If you are buying your memory from crucial you may want to seek advice as I'm not really sure how you get the additional 5% discount using Quidco...someone oon here will know.

happy shopping...bet you can't wait to get your new zippy PC up and running....from the components you intend buying it wil be a belter!
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