PC crashed and wouldn't start...

    I was playing DiRT and as sometimes happens it rebooted the system without warning, only this time it got to the point where it starts to load the OS and freezes, it kept doing this and sometimes it wouldn't even get to the Post screen before freezing/rebooting. I opened up the case and noticed a high pitched whining noise from the GPU just before the freeze/reboot...I took out the GPU and cleaned all the dust away from the fan and it's working again but I can still (faintly) here the whining it on it's way out or is the whining noise normal and I've just never noticed it?


    Could be that the fans on it's way out. Might be worth seeing if it can be swapped. Other than that clean all the fans on the computer as it might not be the GPU whining, but the CPU whining also.

    Definately worth running the system with the side off and running some temp/fan monitors to measure whats happening.

    Good luck and keep us posted

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    I should add that I started up the system with no GPU in and it booted up fine with no whining.

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    I'm also a bit paranoid about temperatures so there's nothing unusual about my temperatures.

    CPU: approx 49
    System: 30
    PWM: 55
    GPU: 47

    It it a little high but i wouldn't be too bothered about those temps, low 40's is preferred. If you are worried you could go into the bios and set a max temp, so if the computer reaches it it'll shutdown. Be annoying if you are in a game though
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