Posted 22nd Nov 2022
17794790801669132236.jpgjust did a valuation on my phone and seems quite good.
I still dont understand if they can buy my phone and give me a 400£ gift card or they will take it only if i spend towards a new purchase.

Did anyone ever use their trade in ?
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    Does look a little bit too good to be true doesn't it
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    Hi, if you want to be sure then go to the store and get the item traded in.. you can do a quote online and take the quote with you to the store... I recently sent 2 items (0 value, but £200 bonus) which is processed in 2 days time.. I believe you get a phone call if they not giving you the price they quoted.. please check the terms..
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    what are you trading in?
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    it's a "trade in" you get the value when you trade in your phone against a new one from them.
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    I did a trade in recently from some unknown working phone and got £151 for it from Currys (it had an extra £150, phone was worthless), I got this back in my bank account within a few days of me sending it off.
    did u get that as gift card or cash?so they basically bought the phone off you and paid?
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