PC Died Out

    Hi HOTUKDEAL'ians.
    My PC has recently died out on me, i think its the graphics card, i dunno. Anywho ive had this system for 3/4 years and i think its time to upgrade.. what im asking is, what is the best system i could possible get at the moment?

    My Maximum price to spend would probably be 500/600 Pounds? I've had a quick look, but haven't found much and/or dont know what i want.

    My main interests in a PC are Gaming, Music.. etc. A good processor would be ideal. Oh, and i dont need a monitor, but if you find a good deal with one, why not!



    Welcome to HUKD
    We have quite a few Computer boffins on here, I'm sure one will be along soon.

    Well you can't go wrong with the Dell systems if you are not accustomed to overclocking. At the moment you can get a bargain with a 22" widescreen for £470. You would obviously need to add your own graphics card, I would suggest adding a 7600GT as this would not need a PSU upgrade. Anything more and you would need to add a new PSU.…094
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