PC Display on 40" Samsung


    I have my PC hooked up to my Samsung 40" LE40A656 LCD TV using a DVI to HDMI cable. The picture is great, however, it doesn't utilise the whole of the screen size. I have it set to 1920 x 1080 resolution and there is a blank band all the way round the display. Are there any settings i need to check to resolve this?




    Are you certain you are using the the HDMI port which has "PC Mode" function?

    what I tend to do is extend my desktop to the TV then fiddle with the resolution will it fits the whole screen, usually takes a couple of attempts

    You need to enable "Just scan" in the TVs menu to get 1:1 pixel mapping…htm

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    Thanks for the replies guys but found out what it was. ATI cards have an "Underscan" option and this was set below the normal as default. Reset it to 0% and voila. Perfect.
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