PC Engine Core Grafx Mini delayed due to Coronavirus

Posted 6th Mar
According to gaming news outlets, Konami has regrettably announced that the manufacturing and shipping facilities in China have been currently suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak. As a result of this the delivery of all PC Engine Core Grafx mini consoles have been delayed until further notice. It had been due out 19th March 2020.

Amazon had been taking exclusive preorders for the console and when I checked the site was still showing a 19th March release. It isn't clear when the mini console will now get released.

One such news article is on Eurogamer's website:-


PC Engine CoreGrafx Mini

The compact version of the classic 1987 console currently now features a range of retro games containing select titles that overlap in both the TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine lineup. Splatterhouse has been added to the TurboGrafx-16 line-up and six retro games have been added to the PC Engine’s.

Konami is proud to be partnered with game developer M2 to painstakingly emulate all 57 included titles for the retro console, ensuring that every game is playable at the highest quality.

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I bought a PC Engine about 31 years ago. Such a great machine, but it’s a shame that this doesn’t have Tales of a Monsterpath on it.
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