PC Experts - Opinions needed on Nas/Server?

Found 12th Dec 2010
At the moment, currently using an Acer Revo hooked up to the TV loaded with XBMC. Attached to it is a 1TB external HDD and I am down to my last few gigs! Time to upgrade the HDDs!

So my question is what do I need? Nas or server? I'd like to ideally either incorparate the current 1TB drive to the set up or move all contents over to a new bigger HD, looking to get another 2 1TB or 1 2TB HDD. I'd also like to move across all my music which is currently on the desktop and able to share all contents around the house to PC, Laptop and iPod Touch!

I could go down the self build route as I have 2 spare CPUs at home e2160 & e5200 which may be too powerful??? Could underclock it???

Any advice?? Oh I forgot, the device would also need to run sabnzbd, sickbead & couch potato!

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buying another external drive will be your cheapest option.
A NAS is a server so I can't determine what you are asking. The NAS SERVES (hence it is a server) the purpose of providing data storage via a computer network. If you build your own server to provide storage via network, that is deemed to be NAS too! Are you posing the question as to the advantages and disadvantages of a purpose built NAS device compare to a self built PC that serves as a NAS?

Your existing processors are certainly less energy efficient than many purpose built NAS devices available even when underclocked. I have never experienced sabnzbd, sickbead or couch potato so cannot comment on those.

The advantage of building your own NAS device is that you can install virtually any software (subject to the OS being used) but if you require energy efficiency to match those of purpose built NAS devices, then you will need to purchase a separate processor to the E2160 and e5200. Neither of those 2 CPUs are suited to a permanent network connection, with regards to energy efficiency as they are not designed for that purpose.
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