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My dad wants me to get hime a flight simulator for the PC for Christmas but i dont have a clue what im looking for!
Is there anyone out there that knows anything about them or plays a good one currently?
Ive looked on Amazon.co.uk but there is so many! He wants one that is quite difficult and is not just press one button to take off.



I enjoy Microsoft Flightsim. It requires quite a powerful PC, but has a good mix of realism vs 'fun'.


the latest flight sim is very good, but as said above. u need a monster pc to run it.

mine struggled on a 7800gt and a core 2 duo with 3 gb ram lol.

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Is Microsoft Flight Simulator X the newest one??

Its been a long time since I dabbled with flight sims but assuming your pc is capable I'd recommend Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight. It might not be the most up to date but its still very well supported and there's a vast amount of very good quality freeware available from sites such as avsim.com. Its very involving though so you'll need to invest some time to get the most out of it.


Is Microsoft Flight Simulator X the newest one??

Yeah, FS X is the latest one. It did run slow when I turned up all the settings on my 7800GT/dual core 2Ghz ... but it's perfectly playable with some of the settings turned off/down.

depends what you need it for if it is just general flight then i would say FSX is great, if you like to customise/ design your planes then a program called x-plane is brilliant.
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