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Found 13th May 2007
Under thegun here, have a friend coming over today who has £400 to spend on new PC.

Have looked at the Dell offers, not inspired there.

Any ideas on the best value for money offers at the moment.?

PC will be used for surfing and general housekeeping only.


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I have a few olds computers laying around at home I'll have a look when I finish work see what I've got.

I take it you have seen the £329 Dell offer? Can I ask which areas didn't inspire you, as value wise it is very hard to beat...

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It is a good offer.

1.8 processer though?
If that ok?
I like the 2gig memory though.

Maybe.. mmm .... just maybe.

yep i agree with jah u should go for the £329

its intel core duo so its double that speed

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Dimension E520 or the Dimension E521?

I like both now.

Whats the big difference?

Dont compare the clock speed to a Pentium 4 - Core is far, far more efficient. Clock speed isn't the sole metric for judging how powerful\fast a processor is, infact its often abused as a marketing tool. A single core of the Core2 in the Dell typically does twice-as-much per clock cycle as a Pentium 4 did, so the 1.8Ghz Core performs similar to a 3 GHz+ Pentium 4 (in single-threaded benchmarks), then also consider you have two cores. It is also far far more power-efficient than the old Pentiums, which will help lower electricity costs.

For surfing and general housekeeping I don't think there is a better value for money system pre-built at the moment, nor do I think it is likely there will be one for a while. You should get several years use for your money.

The 521 is based on an AMD X2-4400 which is a little bit slower than the Core, but still a decent dual-core system. It comes with Vista Business; this has the 'aero' eye-candy interface for Vista which you don't get on the Home Basic version supplied with the E520. It also can come with XP if you prefer. You can probably upgrade the E520 to Vista Home Premium (for about £30 I think) which will give you the aero interface and Windows Media Center (nice if you are plan to connect it to a TV but not that significant really). Personally I think the E520 is a little better as the Intel chip is worth £20 more or so.

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Once again fantastic advice, the 520 it is then..

I am converted... !
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