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looking for best bang for buck

I've not bulit a pc in a while so not 100% what I'm looking for part wise

want to use if for light gaming
it can be prebuilt or I can build it

would need Full kit

will be using TV for monitor

if someone can do me a parts list or point me to a good system I would be grateful

thanks in advance

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what does light gaming entail?

Also what else are you going to use it for?

PC part picker is a great site for building a PC and analysing parts and getting an idea from other users of good priced gaming builds.

Right now there's a big gap in the (new) graphics card market that falls right around £400 system cost. The sensible options tend to be either integrated graphics or a ~£100 RX 460 4GB. The assorted pieces of older technology sold between those prices tend to be too close to the former in performance or too close to the latter in price.

For £400 you're looking at buying a £250-300 system. Depending on what your definition of light gaming is you're either looking at adding an RX 460 to that (and possibly a better PSU) or an SSD and more memory.

Just buy a 2nd hand system off ebay and couple it with a rx480 or gtx 1060.



Just buy a 2nd hand system off ebay and couple it with a rx480 or gtx … Just buy a 2nd hand system off ebay and couple it with a rx480 or gtx 1060.

any suggestions mate ?

Intel G4560 3.5 GHZ - £61
MSI B250 Motherboard - £68
Kingston Hyper X Fury RAM / Crucial Ballistix - Around £50-60
SSD depending on size/brand £40-80
HDD 1 TB - £40
RX 470 or RX 480 £150-220
Case + PSU = £80-100

You could go cheaper too - but that PC would play everything.

The G4560 is a pretty fair budget CPU - Kaby Lake dual core with HT, so games that refuse / need patching to run on anything less than quad are still happy to see it as a logical quad.

There may be some additional movement though when the AMD Ryzen / Intel Kaby Lake war takes off, Intel were apparently surprised by Ryzen performance so there may be some model / price moves to answer it.

Original Poster

thank for all the help

I'm happy to look at 2ed hand parts etc. just need a rough starting point


any suggestions mate ?

Just have a look at i5 2500k and other cheap i5s for around £160 2nd hand on ebay. Spend the rest on a new PSU and GFX card.

Glenn160's this look? little higher …'s this look? little higher than I want to go though

Looks okay to me at first glance, I'd get an SSD though, makes a computer a dream to run.

At the end of the day, for an extra £100 or whatever you can get a PC that lasts for a decent amount of time and ultimately you'd be happier with it.

You can save a lot on that graphics card though, or alternatively get the 480 4GB version for the same/even a bit cheaper, and it's better. That one is over-priced you put in the link.
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