Pc for surfing net, watching hd rips etc.

    Looking for some parts
    motherboard with onboard vga, cpu&cooler , memory(2gb), case with psu.
    For the sister in law to rebuild her ageing Pentium2 Celeron.
    Gonna transfer the HD , dvd burner. keyboard mouse vdu etc.
    Would Scan be the cheapest for all this gear?


    Try Scan, Misco, DABS, eBuyer.....

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    Cheers dude haven't built a pc in a while since I built my last amd athlon xp2200 with 2 gb ram and 6800gt agp card lol.
    Just looking for small spec, cheap to do the job for the above, doesn't need to be a killer gaming rig or anything just enough to run films surf net etc.
    Her old one wont even run xvid's lol.

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    Friend found this, all I would need is ram and cpu,…-AS

    Any cheaper options :thumbsup:
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