PC for the MIL!

Found 18th Aug 2006
I was wondering if you guys can help. I am looking for a PC for the "Mother in Law" probably a Dell. I want it to have XP Pro on it and pref a Pentium chip with 512mb of RAM.

I have an all in budget of £500 which must include a printer which I will supply and a router again which I will probably buy.

The monitor is optional since there are plenty of good deals out there just now. So I guess total budget will be around the £400 mark with monitor or £300 without (or less).

I am not fussed if it refurbished if the deal is correct .

Gaming is not required.

I have been reading Mikes posts and get the impression that there are not many great Dell deals around at the moment timing is not critical and I probably have a month to source this.


PS I normally have my units built to my own spec but really can't be bothered with the hassle.
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